About this Website

The Website’s Story

I bought this domain in January of 2020 with the intention of creating a useful resource for people relocating to Okinawa. However, because Okinawa is located in Japan, there is a lot of information that is relevant to the entire country.

This site has been built from scratch by myself. I work hard to try and balance between creating enough content that covers a wide variety of important topics on Okinawa and Japan, while also trying to maintain the quality. Though I love to write, to maintain the quality that I strive for, it takes time. So, it can feel a bit slow. I try to write 1,000 words a day for Okinawa Dork; some days and some topics that comes easy, other days and topics it’s like climbing a mountain.

Typos, Spelling, & Grammer

You’ll probably notice plenty of typos and mistakes on this website. Sorry about that. I create all the content myself, which also includes editing it myself as I try to minimize the costs it takes to build and maintain the website.

If you find any mistakes, please let me know. I would very much appreciate it. I’m always trying to improve the experience for users on this website.