Are there Crocodiles in Okinawa?

The landscape and jungly feel of Okinawa leads a lot of us to believe that crocodiles live here. However, the only crocodile you’ll find in Okinawa is at the zoo. Crocodiles and alligators do not live in Okinawa. So, the good news is you don’t have to worry about coming across any while swimming or roaming around the Ryukyu islands.

Do crocodiles live in other parts of Japan?

Nope. Just like Okinawa, the rest of Japan doesn’t have any crocodiles or alligators either.

Do any other dangerous reptiles live in Okinawa’s waters?

Yup, there is one:

Black-banded sea krait (“Irabuu” in Okinawan dialect)

This snake can be found pretty easily when diving or snorkeling in Okinawa. It’s mostly found in coral reef areas.

The Black-banded sea krait is highly venomous and according to the video below, its venom is 10 times more powerful than rattlesnakes.

Though it’s highly venomous, it’s not aggressive and only attacks when it feels threatened. There are very few reported bites, most of which are reported by fisherman who accidentally caught them in their fishing nets.

To help you snorkel and dive with more ease, only 3% of sea snake bites are ever fatal.

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