Schools in Okinawa

If you’re moving to Okinawa with kids, where to send you kids to school and how much will it cost is on your mind.

Here is what you’ll find on this page.

  1. How Much Does Schooling Cost in Okinawa?
  2. List of International Schools in Okinawa
  3. List of On-Base Schools in Okinawa
  4. List of Daycare in Okinawa

Also, if you prefer these lists of schools in an easy to sort excel spreadsheet (including pricing and other information not on this page), you can download it for free here.

How Much Does Schooling Cost in Okinawa?

On average the yearly cost of off-base schooling in Okinawa costs ¥927,392 or $9,688.

The cheapest school I found, AmeriAsian costs just $3,905/year; the priciest school I found, Okinawa International School costs $17,235/year.

To get the average cost I collected information from 13 schools, 8 of which post their yearly tuition and other related costs on their websites (first-year admission fees, testing fees, any uniform fees, books, etc.).

Some of these schools charge a little less for the lower grades; for calculating this average, I used the higher tuition for each of the schools.

International Schools in Okinawa

Amerasian School

AmerAsian School was established in 1997 by 5 mothers who established a study group for the educational rights of American-Asian students in Okinawa. The school specializes in serving the needs of students who can’t attend U.S. Department of Defense schools, on-base, and who feel out of place in the Japanese school system. The school is a non-profit that is approved by the Japanese Board of Education and affiliated with local public schools. Amerasian reports student attendance and academic record to their registered public school. After graduation, students are free to transfer to the public school in Okinawa or to any other school.

Amicus International School

English is the primary language of this school, however, English and Japanese languages are “equally valued.” The goal of the school is to form bilingual competence. The school was founded in 2011 and has its own parent-teacher association. It also has its own bus system for school pickup and dropoff.

Da Vinci International School

Da Vinci International School is a U.S. accredited school and appears to be family-owned and operated. On their website, they list their team, which are mostly family members, and their quite extensive educational training and degrees.

East-West Montessori School

East-West Montessori School was founded in 1986 by Victory Christ Church. The school is rooted in Dr. Montessori’s teaching principals, which is learning that is driven by a child’s developmental level and the child’s own curiosity. The school offers both half-day and full-day programs for kids 2 to 6 years old.

Hope International School

This school is focused on developing “internationally-minded perspective” and language skills in English and Japanese. Their curriculum includes U.S. Common Core State Standards for English, Singapore Maths, and International Primary Curriculum (IPC), and International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC).

  • Grades: Pre-K tp 8
  • Religious: No
  • Cost: $$$
  • Website:

New Life Academy Okinawa

New Life Academy is a private Christian school founded in 1995. The school uses BJU Press educational materials, which drive their curriculum.

Okinawa Christian School International

OCSI was established in 1957

  • Grades: K to 12
  • Religious: Yes
  • Cost: $$$
  • Website:

Okinawa Global Academy

Okinawa Montessori School International (OMSI)

OMSI’s objective is to have students develop a positive and realistic concept of themselves, develop social skills, become an active and responsible member of their environments, and develop a love for learning. Students range from 2.5 to 6 years old. The school offers half-day, extended-day, and full-day programs.

Okinawa International School Okinawa

OIS was established in April of 2003. It advertises itself as a bilingual school, and classes are taught in English. OIS is authorized as the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program in 2011 and Middle Years Programme in July of 2016.

Santa Monica International School

Santa Monica International School is located in Sunabe just outside Kadena’s Gate 1. According to Santa Monica’s website, the main learning outcomes for students are: Effective communicators, literate in educational and world thinking, critical thinkers, motivated productive learners, constructive community members.

World Mission Christian School

Zion Christian Academy International

Zion Christian Academy International started out as just an elementary school in 1995, however the founders James and Gloria Whitaker noticed a demand for middle school and high school. The school is rooted in the bible and has a mission to provide “biblical guidance, an excellent education, and empower students in a multicultural environment to grow up to become productive and influential citizens in their society and beyond.”

According to Zion’s website, their average class size is 13 students, they’ve had over 3,000 students pass through their school, and they’ve awarded more than $2,150,000 in scholarships.

On-Base Schools in Okinawa

Amelia Earhart Intermediate School

Bechtel Elementary School

Bob Hope Primary School

Kadena High School

Kadena Elementary School

Kadena Middle School

Killin Elementary School

Kinser Elementary School

Kubasaki High School

Lester Middle School

Ryukyu Middle School

Stearley Heights Elementary School

Zukeran Elementary School

Daycare in Okinawa

Ai International Preschool

Baby 123 Island Style Day Care

Busy Little Bumblebees

Cherry Blossom Pre-School

Early Learners International Preschool

  • Grades: Pre-K (2 y.o. – 6 y.o.)
  • Religious: No
  • Cost: ?
  • Website:

Golden Mind Achievers

Kids Kampus

Rainbow Montessori Education Center

Saint Josephine Montessori

United Christian Day Care and Pre-K Academy

Wee Care International Preschool